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Look at KC7JOG's raw pictures of March Event

Rebuilding the Swan Amplifier Power Supply

Build the Push-up Pole

Build a "no welding" Portable Antenna Mast

Build a Portable VHF/UHF Antenna Mount

What is the Maypole Antenna?

Build a Dual or Tri-band Maypole Antenna
(40M also works for 15M)

Build a Tri or Quad-Band Hanging Maypole Antenna
(40M also works for 15M)

Build a Tri or Quad Band Maypole Antenna
(40M also works for 15M)

Installation of Maypole Antenna

Protection against Bird Droppings
Adding 17 Meters mod.

Accessory Go-Box

Power Distribution Box

Good, Inexpensive, Antenna Insulators

Deployment Checklist

Winlink Discussion Topic

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The weekly Western Region Net meets every Sunday evening at 0400Z (09:00 pm MST) on 3977.7 KHz. Members and visitor are encouraged to check in. Early check ins and social talk starts an hour before the net starts.

Check out our Canteen serving cold drinks at Lake Roosevelt flood, 9/14/03
(Paul, KD7RYT in the Red vest)

Fort Tuthill 2003
SATERN at Fort Tuthill Arizona 2003
Names of people in the picture: Top left, Rich, W7RFE. Top right corner, Michael and Barbara K7HIL, next down is Dennis and Sylvia, WD6CGI and WD6BFD, next down is Dave, KB7KMR, Jim, KK7QL, Bottom right is Neal, KA7JAS is next left then Tim, K6TIM, then Don WD6FGN. Continuing left we have Brent, W7POD and wife Patty, then Mark, KC7JOG [*SK], then Kevin, KD7JEY and the far left is Robert WA0W.

Unfortunately some people did not get put on this picture. Some were not even photographed.

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