Antenna Accessory Box
By Mark Coker - KC7JOG

When you have the push-up pole and the antenna to install, during an emergency response there is no time to round up the needed items. This accessory box should be part of your "go kit" so when you get to your remote location with your antenna and pole, you will have everything you need to get your antenna into the air as quickly as possible. For this we use a dedicated toolbox.

There is nothing special about the toolbox used, but an inexpensive plastic toolbox, such as the one shown, is good.

Suggested Contents

1 (14) railroad spikes for guying in arizona dirt
2 (1) spool of parachute cord. (3) sections, 30 feet long each
3 (1) spool of parachute cord. (3) sections, 24 feet long each
4 (1) spool of parachute cord. (3) sections 13 feet long each
5 (2) rolls of colored flagging to alert people walking close to guys
6 (2) rolls of black tape
7 pair of vice grips to pull large nails
8 pocket knife
9 nut driver to tighten nuts on wires on maypole platform
10 torpedo level to set poles vertically
11 1/4 inch nails to secure pole from lateral shift
12 steel hammer for driving nails and spikes
13 1/4 inch bolts to secure push up pole sections when fully extended

I would also suggest that you use tools and material that will stay in the box, which is to say you do not want to use your first-line tools because you won't leave them in the box. You should also store this completed box in a cool environment where the heat will not cause the plastic tape to turn into a sticky mess that gets everything it touches, sticky.