Hanging Maypole Antenna
(Multi-Band Inverted "V")

by Mark Coker - KC7JOG

For those of you that would like to have a Maypole antenna, but would like it to be suspended from a line/pulley arrangement, this project will give you some ideas. A friend of mine has a 50 foot tower, with an arm sticking out about 2 feet, that he wants a maypole feed assembly to be hung from. This is what I've built. Pictures will show the detail.

Click on pictures to get full size image.

3" PVC end cap
3" PVC pipe section (5" long)
can of PVC cement
3.5 inches copper strap
1/4 inch stainless steel star washers
1/4-20 by 1 1/4" long stainless bolts
1/4 inch stainless steel flat washers
1/4-20 stainless steel nuts
1/8 inch by 3/4 inch long, stainless steel screws and nuts
3/8 inch eye bolt with large and small flat washers with
lock washer and nut
1/4 inch terminal eyes

Note: All above hardware does not have to be stainless steel, Cad plated hardware will do fine in most environments.

Step 1
For the 3 band antenna, bisect the PVC pipe into a 60 degree hole pattern for the 1/4 inch holes to be drilled for the antenna wire bolts. If a 2 band antenna is desired, bisect at 90 degrees.
Drill the 1/4 inch holes about 3/4 inch from the bottom edge of the pipe.

Step 2
Drill a 3/8 hole in the center of the top of the end cap. Mount the eye bolt with the larger flat washer on the inside of the unit with smaller flat washer on the top. Tighten and perhaps put a dab of lock tite or PVC cement on the additional exposed eyebolt threads to prevent the nut from working loose. Now glue the end cap to the lower pipe section.

Step 3
Drill (4) holes at 90 degrees, where the glued PVC overlap occurs to ensures that even if the glue fails, the 4 screws will hold the overlapped PVC sections together.

Step 4
Lay the copper strap section on the inside of the pvc pipe, where it covers 3 of the 6 holes drilled. Mark with a felt tip marker, then remove and drill with 1/4 inch drill. Repeat this on the other side using the other strap.

Step 5
Drill an entry hole in the unit about half way up the pipe, to insert the coax cable.
Feed thru the coax, strip back, and solder terminal eyes to both center lead and shield of coax.

Step 6
Place a star washer on all 6 bolts, and put each wired terminal lead, on the center bolt of both straps.

Step 7
Place a flat washer on each 1/4 inch bolt, on the outer side of unit, then tighten down each with a nut.

Notice the 4 screws that lock the 2 PVC units together. Also note the terminal eyes attached on the center bolt of each copper strip. Note the heat shrink I put on both the coax leads.

Step 8
I applied epoxy around the coax where it comes inside the unit. this ensures there will be no water penetration, or mechanical failure.

Attach the antenna wires to the feed bolts for the chosen bands. please look at the original Maypole antenna platform article I built, which is published on this web site, for tips on how to best prepare the wires, for 1/4 inch bolt mounting. That same article will have the necessary formula for cutting the various antenna wire lengths.

Here is the finished hanging Maypole antenna after installing it on W7RFE's tower.