Insulators and guy line for wire antennas

This article is a "how to", as well as a "with what" for the hobby of making wire antennas.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase decent and durable insulators, without paying a fortune. This porcelain insulator cost about 60 cents, and is made available in a box of 10, for about $ 6.00

This is the boxed form, for the insulator shown. it was purchased from a local feed store in Camp Verde, Arizona and because we bought more than 1 box, they gave us $1.50 off the box price, which was even more reasonable.

For the RF invisible guying portion of this article, this product is worth its weight in gold. Few products can withstand the arizona sun for more than just a few short years. this non-reinforced plastic clothsline, (5/32 by 100 feet), is the most durable and superior product I've ever had the pleasure of using. We buy it locally for about $3.00 per 100 foot roll. I've been using it for antenna guying for over 10 years, and most sections have never required any attention or replacement.

I use no. 14 wire in this project, but larger or smaller gauge wire is certainly acceptable. the wire I'm using, comes on a spool that has 500 feet of stranded no. 14 copper wire. it was purchased at home depot for less than $50.00

Strip back approximately 5 inches of insulation

Wrap around the insulator, as shown, then solder.

Solder all the way around the porcelain insulator, as well as the twisted intersection.

Tie a loose knot about a foot back from the end of the cloths line rope.

After running the end thru the insulator eye, tie another normal knot, making sure to have it tight, as well as 1/4 inch of additional rope left over.

Bring back the tight knot, and re-enter the loose knot.

After tightening down the loose knot, you're now done with a cheap, strong, and durable antenna termination.
Footnote: I demonstrated this method to a ham friend, some time back. He questioned how strong it was. I proceeded to suspend myself from the I-beam crane in my shop, with nothing more than what you are seeing. He left, convinced.....