Videos to Watch

Here are some videos I’ve found that could be pulled from Social Media anytime because of the sensitive content that the deep state would rather you not see regarding the struggle to make us victorious against the forces that would hold our nation captive.


Robin Bullock:
Sin, Justice, Authority, Redemption and Love

I was so impressed with Robin Bullock’s word on the essence of God’s heart in the plan of redemption that I thought I’d snag it and share it before it gets taken down. Enjoy!

Donna Rigney:

Here’s a video that is the very heart of God’s will and passion for his people. It’s also a great introductory video if you’ve not seen videos from Elijah Streams. Elijah Streams is a branch of Elijah List, a ministry revealing the prophetic voices for America and the world for many years. Each day, a new video is released (usually live) bringing new revelation. It is so uplifting and encouraging. Please listen as you discover what God is saying to his people, and discover why there’s so much to look forward to in the future.

Kat Kerr:
Giving Believers Essential Information About Our Marching Orders Going Into Our New Reality

Kat is a woman of God whom God has sent to reveal the reality and details of what Heaven is like, and how to prepare for it. She has unique insight about what God is about to do and how we are to prepare for it, so that no one is caught off guard. This video is a great overall view of what and who she is, and what God has called her to. You will be blessed watching this teaching. In her books, she describes in detail about what she has seen in Heaven, the God would give us a glimpse, through her, to make us excited for the days ahead.