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The General, with headquarters in London, is the international leader of The Salvation Army. In the United States, the functions of The Salvation Army are coordinated by the National Commander with headquarters in Alexandria, Virgina.

For administrative purposes, the nation is divided into four territories:

  • The Central, with headquarters in Des Plaines,Illinois
  • The East, with headquarters in West Nyack, New York
  • The South, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia
  • The West, with headquarters in Long Beach, Calif.

Each territory is under the leadership of a territorial commander.

Territories are made up of smaller units knowned as divisions. There are 40 in the United States and each is headed by a divisional commander. Divisions are made up of corps community centers {the basic units of The Salvation Army} and various specialized centers.Each corps is under the supervision of a commanding officer, who ranges in rank from Captain to major.