for S.A.T.E.R.N.*

(Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network)
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Section

California South Division, Western Territory U.S.A.


*A group of amateur radio operators who have volunteered to

assist The Salvation Army with communications during disaster

responses - The official emergency communications service of

The Salvation Army


Meet and work with other hams, using your hobby

to assist others in time of need.

To request an information packet

please e-mail W1SAT@YAHOO.COM

or call any of the following:


Dennis WA6ACC at (909) 793-7879
Paul AE6TR at (909) 338-0319
Jan KK6ABZ at (951) 487-8118
Michael KK6BUW (951) 766-7102



Nets (Everyone is welcome to check in!)

Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Section

 VHF Net Sundays 8:00pm on 146.385 +600 PL 146.2

 National HF Net 20m 14.265 KHz SSB 8:00am Mon thru Sat


Visit our website www.satern.net