Who We Are

SATERN, Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network

SATERN is a group of amateur radio operators willing to provide emergency communications support for Salvation Army operations in local, regional, and international disaster and emergency situations.

SATERN has local organizations in all 50 states and Canada, as well as many other parts of the world. The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network has demonstrated its effectiveness by providing essential radio communication services in countless disaster situations, including:

  • Hurricane Andrew
  • Plainfield, Ill. tornado
  • Mississipi River floods
  • Oklahoma bombing
  • Hurricane Marilyn
  • North Dakota floods
  • Northridge earthquake
  • Florida wildfires
  • Hurricane Mitch
  • Oklahoma City Tornado
  • New York City Ground Zero

The Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Section of SATERN is working to establish reliable emergency radio communication capability at, and among each of the Corps and their satellite locations, including Ontario, Hemet, Perris, Redlands, Riverside, San Bernardino, Corona, Victorville, Cathedral City, Moreno Valley, Murrieta and other locations being activated through the 2000 time frame.

Our approach is to install a 2 meter J-pole or other antenna at each location, to allow a ham radio operator to hook up his HT or mobile unit and function as a base of operations in an emergency. We also hope to recruit and train a cadre of radio operators at each Corps location to be the primary communications coordinators .

No experience required! We provide periodic training, through both local and regional seminars, in disaster preparedness and emergency communication procedures, including message handling, and conduct periodic desktop and field drills to test our systems, equipment, and operators.

Find out about upcoming SATERN activities by checking in on our net Sunday evening at 2000 hrs (8 pm) on 146.385 pos offset, PL 146.2
Visitors welcome.