SATERN International Digital Net Prerequisites

This net meets each Saturday at 17:00 UTC (NOON CDT)/ 18:00 UTC (NOON CST) See the SATERN Nets page for details. This net is using the FLDIGI / NBEMS software suite from W1HKJ. While other applications will receive our OLIVIA MODE we will be using other modes to send FLMSG / FLAMP formatted messages in training...

You will need FLAMP to receive it error-free. You will need FLMSG to decode the message format from the raw encoded and compressed text. To view the message as sent, open the message using FLMSG. The file saved by FLAMP will then be able to format the message as sent when you view the file as HTML from the menu. Your browser will allow you to print the message as viewed, or send as email or save as HTML on your computer.

If NCS is not able to hear you ... you can still be on the log by sending Internet email to: subject://WL2K check in
PLS be sure your RxID is ON for training.
If RxID does not change mode for you ... be prepared to change manually.
We will send the message several times. Do not change your FLAMP setup between messages....

Pls report reception results to my email even if you did not rcv it.

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