SATERN DELTA Alert/Activation Status Sequence

DELTA I   SATERN Int. Digital Net
 Normal Network Schedule and Training. 

DELTA II   SATERN Int. Digital Net
 Regular Daily Net, but also Monitoring Mode after the Net, for specific geographic area and time – SATERN Frequency

DELTA III   SATERN Int. Digital Net
 Initial Net for Monitoring Mode then for duration of propagation – National Net Director or his appointee and Net relays, announce at the top of each hour DELTA III Status and definition – SATERN Frequency and Other Emergency Nets -Alert Status Heightened

DELTA IV   SATERN Int. Digital Net
 Emergency Mode – No Daily Net, only Emergency Net – Disaster Strategy Review – Preparation for Event or Stand down/ follow up mode or Debriefing from Event

DELTA V   SATERN Int. Digital Net
 Catastrophic response - All available hands, all resources on 14.265 MHz and 14.065 Mhz USB Digital in support of the emergency network.
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