CQ the SATERN net,
CQ the SATERN net,
This is The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network.

This net meets [insert net day and time]. The purpose of the net is [insert net purpose] (e.g. to establish a pool of trained operators for emergency communications that will benefit the Salvation Army’s disaster response).

Your net control for today’s session is __________ [insert NCS call and name] and I am located in ____________ [insert location of NCS station].

This is a directed net. All communications will go through the net control station.

The net will now stand by for any emergency, priority or time value traffic.

                                Pause - (If any, handle promptly)

The net will now stand by for any mobile or QRP stations with or without traffic.

                                 Pause - (handle any traffic)

The net will now stand by for general check-ins. Please use full call signs.The use of ITU phonetics is strongly encouraged.
If you have traffic for the net, just say the word “traffic” and I will get your traffic when acknowledging your check-in.

                                         [Conduct the net]

     Acknowledge check-ins promptly using full call signs. If anyone has
     traffic, list the traffic and handle it as expeditiously as possible.

     Try to give a net call and identify the net often, at least every ten minutes;
     however, more often is preferable. You are required by law to identify your
     station every ten minutes.

     Pause between calls to allow breakers to be heard.

     When you turn over control to an assisting station, you relinquish control
     until control has been returned. Do not jump in and take it as if you still
     have control.

     When all of the business of the net has been completed, secure the net.

To secure the net, simply say:
This is ___________[insert NCS call and name], net control for the SATERN Net.
I am now securing this net and returning the frequency to regular amateur use.

This is _________ [use your (NCS) caall sign] clear.





Note: any or all of this preamble can be used in FLDIGI macros. Puting parts in separate macros will make it more flexible.




This is the International SATERN DIGI Net.
Net Control for today is [insert NCS callsign]
[This is a remotely operated station...(if operated remotely)]
your operator for today is [insert NCS callsign]
My name is [insert NCS operator name]
My QTH is [insert city and state of NCS station location]
[Grid ... give the locator gridsquare for NCS station]
This net meets each Saturday at 17:00 UTC (NOON CDT) 18:00 UTC (NOON CST)
See the web site net listing or
Google SATERN International Digital Group for details.
This net is using the FLDIGI / NBEMS software suite from W1HKJ
While other applications will receive our OLIVIA MODE we will
be using other modes to send FLMSG / FLAMP formatted messages in training...
If NCS is not able to hear you ... you can still be on the log
by sending Internet email to: subject://WL2K check in

[The preamble should be followed by annnoucements to the net and any special instructions for the net session.]



POSTAMBLE (closing)

We will close this session for today.
This has been the SATERN International DIGI Net
Net control would like to thank each and every station that has
checked in and especially those who assisted net control during the net.

This net will meet again at its’ regular time next Saturday
on this frequency.

(the following is optional but highly can insert your own as long as it follows the spirit of what is here)
[Please be sure to pray for our govenment and civic leaders and
for those who wear a uniform to protect and serve
our great nation both here at home and abroad.]

(not optional)
73’s to all and may God bless you and God Bless America!
This frequency is now returned to normal amateur use.
de [insert NCS callsign] [/ remote operator callsign] NCS SATERN International Digital Net
[insert signoff time] sk sk sk QRT

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