Second Day at Delta II

The SATERN International 20 meter SSB Net began net operations at Delta II level at 09:00 AM CDT yesterday which will be repeated today. This radio vigil began in response to the approaching storm in the Caribbean. It continues on Thursday 07 Sep 2017 at Delta II. Delta II level means the net will be monitoring the frequency for any emergency, priority, or health and welfare traffic from the affected area of hurricane Irma.

The SATERN SSB Net still needs relief operators to fill in and give a much needed rest period to net control on a periodic basis. If you can help, please contact Ken Gilliland, AG6SV at ag6sv (at) att (dot) net to let him know of your availability.

above: UV image courtesy Solar Dynamics Observatory and

Service may be difficult on 20 meters due to solar events that have caused a major geomagnetic impact. In the late hours (UTC) 06-Sep-2017 an X-9 (the strongest) class solar flare occurred, followed by a CME that was Earth-directed. Following that, an even stronger CME was encountered igniting severe geomagnetic disturbances felt at most latitudes. This morning, the unsettled magnetosphere continues as the D-region depletion is severely degrading frequencies below 20 Mhz.


As a result, more ears are needed to conduct net operations. Signals will be weaker than expected and communication on 20 meters will be difficult. Please help the scheduled net control by monitoring the SATERN International SSB Net frequency of 14.265 Mhz USB as much as possible. You may hear something the net control does not.


AD5XJ WebMaster, ARRL Technical Specialist






above: D-Region depletion prediction map courtesy NOAA / SWPC


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