TO: All Southern Territory SATERN Operators


On Sunday, 10 September, at the request of the Florida Division, I sent out an email (attached below my signature block) requesting Southern Territory SATERN operators to contact me if they were qualified for and interested in being deployed to Florida in the event a request was made for communications assistance by the Florida Division. At the time of that request, Hurricane Irma was forecast to march up the middle of the Florida peninsula and have a catastrophic impact on the state, including its communications infrastructure, impairing the ability of The Salvation Army to communicate with its multiple local units and local IMATS.

However, Hurricane Irma shifted to the west and its passage through Florida, although causing serious damage, was not as catastrophically damaging as feared. As a result, there has not been a major statewide impact on the communications infrastructure. During the Tuesday evening Southern Territory Coordination Call, Florida EDS Director Kevin Smith let me know that SATERN could stand down.

As a result, SATERN is no longer seeking operators to be on standby for a possible deployment to Florida or any other state in the Southern Territory.

All SATERN Operators currently on STANDBY can STAND DOWN.

This announcement will be made on, the SATERN Google Group and regularly on the International SATERN SSB Net which is still activated to receive and manage Health & Welfare communications coming out of the impacted U.S. states and the Caribbean. It is known that at least one U.S. Territory in the Caribbean has a possibly significant amount of Health & Welfare messages on file awaiting to be transmitted once all of the life safety communications have been managed. The International SATERN SSB Net, with several other partners, are on standby to receive and deliver these messages when and if asked to do so.

SATERN operators who registered with SATERN to be on standby will be contacted individually.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Rev. 1.02 2017-09-12 AD5XJ