TO: All Southern Territory SATERN Operators


The Florida Division has asked me to begin recruiting qualified SATERN / Amateur Radio Operators for a potential deployment to Florida.

This is a recruitment request for interested operators to be on STANDBY.


Operators who are interested in deploying to Florida need to know the following information and meet the following conditions:


  1. Candidates must be capable of doing the work and meeting the qualifications contained in the attached Position Description for a Communications Specialist. The only exception to this is the requirement for Medic First Aid Training. That or similar training is a plus but not mandatory.

    (See this file: ICS - LOG - Communications Specialist - ICS-LOG-ComSpec-2009-05.pdf PDF 45.5K)
  2. Candidates should pay particular attention to the experience and physical / mental requirements and expectations. This will be a hardship deployment with primitive lodging (e.g. a gym floor, etc.) and very basic food provided by The Salvation Army. All of this will be under very stressful conditions. Do NOT sign up if you are not physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for this.
  3. Some very specific skill sets, although not mandatory, would be extremely helpful including:
    1. General, Advanced and Extra Class FCC Licensees are preferred.
    2. HF and VHF / UHF traffic handling experience.
    3. Operators with WinLink / WinMor equipment and experience are especially needed. This is especially true of people who have mobile WinLink / WinMor capabilities.
    4. Operators with digital communication experience are also sought.
    5. Experience with other kinds of communications (e.g. business band radio, satellite-based internet / phones, etc.)
    6. Operators with drones should consider bringing that equipment as an additional capability in the event it is needed. However, the communications role will be an operator’s primary responsibility.
  4. Candidates must fully complete a volunteer profile in the National Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) Volunteer Database. Instructions for how to do that are contained below my signature block.

Logistical Issues:

  1. DEPLOYMENT LOCATION: Your initial deployment will likely be to the Florida Division EDS Center & Warehouse in Tampa, Florida. From there you would be signed in and then given an assignement.
  2. DEPLOYMENT DATE(S): Although this is not known for sure, it is likely to be as early as Wednesday, 13 September 2017.
  3. DEPLOYMENT LENGTH: Operators should plan on a minimum one week (7 day) deployment. If you are capable of staying 14 days, let me know that.
  4. LODGING: Lodging will very likely be basic shelter style lodging in a church, gym, warehouse or similar rough arrangement. Be well prepared for hardship conditions. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, cot (if you have one), etc.
  5. MEALS: Meals will likely be provided by The Salvation Army at whatever Incident Command Post (ICP) you are assigned to. It will likely be very basic meals served from one of our Canteens (mobile kitchens).
  6. EXPENSE: The following essential expenses will be reimbursed:
    1. Fuel to, from and during your deployment
    2. Other pre-authorized expenses authorized by officials at the ICP.
    3. Bring CASH - I usually recommend about $500. Remember that all power and internet will be out so that it is unlikely you will be able use a credit card. Cash is KING on a deployment.
    1. You will need to bring your own radio equipment. It needs to be in good condition and capable of operating under conditions similar to Field Day.
    2. Your vehicle needs to be in good condition.
    3. The Salvation Army will not reimburse repairs to vehicles or equipment. That responsibility belongs to the deployed operator.
  8. DRIVING: Motor Vehicle Driver Report Request. [Your signature is required): Although you will likely be driving your own vehicle, you still need to complete the attach MVR Form. This form is also required in the event you are asked to drive a Salvation Army vehicle.

    (See attached file: EDS Application - MVR Form - EDSApp-MVR-Form-2016.doc Word Doc 160.8K)

Becoming A Candidate:

Anyone who meets the above qualifications and desires to be deployed should complete the volunteer registration (as shown below my signature block) and inform me of your interest with an email to: WB5ALM(at)Outlook(dot)com.

Please do not reply to the email address under which this email was sent. Any questions you may have should also be sent to: Please do not call me on my cell phone or send email to the email address this email came from. Deadline: I need to know as soon as possible but certainly no later than the end of business tomorrow, Monday, 11 September 2017.

Thank you for giving this serious consideration. I look forward to hearing from you by no later than the end of business on Monday, 11 September 2017 by email at WB5ALM@Outlook.















To become an Emergency Disaster Services / SATERN volunteer with The Salvation Army, you first need to register on the national EDS website. Here are the instructions you need to do that:

  1. Go to: disaster.salvationarmy
  2. Click on the VOLUNTEER tab and follow the NEXT buttons to fill out your personal volunteer profile. You will enter your email address and confirm it and then your name, address, phone number and so on.
  3. If you are a FCC license amateur radio operator with a FCC issued amateur radio call sign (e.g. KG5XYZ), be sure to click on the SATERN button in the application. If you are NOT a FCC licensed amateur radio operator and do NOT have an FCC issued call sign, do NOT check the SATERN box.
  4. Once you have completed that, go to the the LOGIN button and enter the User Name you chose and your password. You will be taken to your personal profile in the EDS Volunteer Database.
  5. On the left hand side you will see a series of links for Availability, Physial & Mental Fitness, etc. Click on each link and complete the questions and go to the next link until all of the questions and information in each link is answered or completed.
  6. There will be a link for completing the online Introduction To Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services course. Complete that course. It will take you about 3 to 4 hours. The course will give you a good introduction to The Salvation Army, to the Incident Command System and some useful information about preparing for deployment, being deployed with The Salvation Army and post-deployment information. This is mandatory to be deployed.
  7. Email Bill Feist (see signature block above) to let him know that you have done this. Include your name and phone number in the email.
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