SATERN National Liaison Newsletter 22 Sep 2017

TO: All SATERN Operators



Open the pdf attachment for this week’s newsletter: (See attached file: Newsletter - newsletter-2017-09-21.pdf) BULLETIN:

The International SATERN SSB Net is activated at 0900 (CT) / 1400 Z on 14.265 MHz to support people in the Caribbean after Hurricane Maria

START DATE: Tuesday, 19 September 2017

START TIME: 0900 (CT) / 1400 Z

END TIME: 1800 (CT) / 2300 Z

END DATE: Monday, 25 Septemer 2017

NET CONTROL OPERATORS ARE NEEDED: Experienced Net Control Operators interested in serving should contact:
Net Manager Ken Gilliland (AG6SV) at:
Assistant Net Manager Bob Rogers (WA5EEZ) at: BobRgrs(at)Hotmail(dot)com

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Check out for the latest in news about The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services and SATERN.

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