SATERN International SSB Net Manager
Message 10 October 2017

To All SATERN Net Controls & Relay Stations

The Health & Welfare messages receiver by SATERN from the Caribbean has been slowly decreasing. In the last 3 days, there was only one message received & that was early Saturday morning, October 7. I refrained from closing down our activation during the weekend, because the weekend contesting may have prevented any Caribbean stations from being heard. Since there were no messages received today (Monday), the SATERN Activation for hurricane Maria will close down on Tuesday, October 10, after one more day of monitoring, at 2400 Zulu.

When this activation closes on Tuesday, SATERN will have monitored for Caribbean traffic related to Hurricane Maria for 22 days. By my calculations, that amounts to a total of 167 hours on the air.

The Caribbean stations, especially those in Puerto Rico, their friends & families in the United States, SATERN, & The Salvation Army, are very pleased with the performance of all of the Net Controls & the vast array of relay stations. I personally couldn’t have asked for a better team & it has been a pleasure working with all of you.

For the final 4 hours of activity on Tuesday, I’d ask each Net Controls to thank all the relay stations as they check in.

SATERN will return to the DELTA I mode on Wednesday, October 11.

God bless you all for your dedication, time, & talents.

Ken G, AG6SV
SATERN International SSB Net Manager












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