Hurricane Nate
Update 07:00 CDT 07 October 2017


Some ARES divisional EOC activations are being reported this morning ( 07 Oct 2017). At 06:00 CDT the Louisiana ARES SEC announced that the State EOC will activate at 07:00 AM CDT. The frequencies used will be:
  444.950 – connected to LA conference and GOSHEP.
  146.860 - Region 1 traffic
  HF 3878 as needed
  Winlink email address is W5OEP(at)Winlink(dot)org. (REMEMBER SUBJECT FIELD STANDARD - //WL2K subject text)

There maybe be possible connection to the DMR LA ARES talk group of 312222 ( Not for sure)

This activation comes as Hurricane Nate is only hours away from making landfall on the Gulf Coast near New Orleans.

Last night, the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans urged citizens to make their plans for evacuation now and not wait as Nate is considered a storm surge risk. New Orleans Mayor Landreu reports that 2-6 feet above tide level of surge is expected in the next 24 hours.

In an email from the SATERN International SSB Net manager Ken Gilliland, AG6SV the Net is preparing to serve once again even as they have been in service for 13 days straight. Here is part of what he said:


SATERN will run it’s normal Saturday Morning Net, followed by our active monitoring for Health & Welfare messages out of Puerto Rico & from possible the deplored Red Cross team. We also need to listen for any emergency traffic out of the Hurricane Nate area as well...

Numerous Warnings are in effect throughout the Caribbean & Gulf of Mexico Offshore oil platforms in the Gulf are being evacuated. The governors of the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, & Alabama have all declared an emergency.

Louisiana governor John Edwards is mobilizing 1,300 National Guard troops to monitor the pumping systems.

Nate’s moving fast, the storm is expected to make landfall between Mississippi & Alabama by about 2 to 7 pm Saturday. It’s then expected to turn to the Northeast, toward Georgia, the West side of the Carolinas, then Virginia, & beyond.

... Hurricane Watch Net “Possible” Net Activation at 1800 UTC Saturday afternoon.

Very heavy rains expected on the border between Mississippi & Louisiana. ... end of message


This morning heavy rain from the outer bands of Nate began dumping on the Gulf Coastal regions of South Louisiana and Mississippi. Rainfall is expected to be more than 6 inches as far West as Morgan City, LA and as far East as Mobile, AL (assuming the current expected path).

As often noted, Tropical Hurricanes are very unpredictable. Movement in either direction is not only possible but should be anticipated. Current models have Nate making landfall between New Orleans and Mobile. But could vary East or West as much as 50 miles or more.

To stay informed, visit often for the latest news on SATERN.

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