SATERN National Liaison
Special Notice 15 November 2017

TO: All SATERN Members


International SATERN SSB Net Manager Ken Gilliland (AG6SV) has announced that, beginning today (Wednesday, 15 November 2017), the International SATERN SSB Net that normally meets on 14.265 MHz will be meeting at the normal time(s) on 14.312 MHz.

This change has been made because there is an Island on the Air (IOTH) station (J5T - an Italian club) operating from Guinea-Bissau which is an island off the West coast of Africa. The current plan is for this station to be on the air from November 13 through November 25. For the last couple days, this station has been operating with a split frequency, transmitting on 14.260 MHz & listening up 5 KHz (14.265 MHz) to 10 KHz (14.270 MHz). This has, of course made the normal Net frequency of 14.265 MHz unusable due to QRM.

In addition, the the Buckeye Net operates on 14.262 MHz daily beginning at the same time as the SATERN Net. The Ohana Net meets on 14.268 MHz at the same time which eliminates the use of the two frequencies SATERN has used in the past as alternative frequencies.

Consequently, starting TODAY (Wednesday November 15th) and for the next week or so (till after Thanksgiving weekend) the International SATERN SSB Net that normally meets on 14.265 MHZ will operate on or near 14.312 MHz. This will continue through at least 25 November 2017 unless you are otherwise notified.

Periodic announcements will be made on 14,265 kHz that SATERN has temporally moved to 14,312 kHz so hopefully all members will find the Net.

This announcement will be posted on the website and on the GOOGLE group(s).

We apologize in advance for any confusion this may cause, but I and Net Manager AG6SV agree that this is the only viable alternative for the time being.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact both Ken (AG6SV at and myself (at

Thank you for your help and cooperation with this. It is greatly appreciated.

Bill Feist, WB8BZH












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