Kansas and Western Missouri SATERN

By David Stanfield, N0HS

Much more exciting that watching corn grow is to seeing SATERN grow throughout our area! Much of the credit goes to our dynamic State SATERN coordinator, June Jeffers, KB0WEQ. To say she is an effective speaker is an understatement.

June began working with the local Salvation Army Corps in Olathe in 1998. By 1999 she had recruited over 30 members for SATERN. This group holds their monthly meetings at the Olathe Corps and has established a command center for local and HF operations at the Olathe Corps building.

As part of her activities, June has made presentations to local radio clubs informing them of SATERN operations. An unexpected and happy consequence of her presentations was the decision of one ham
operator to redrawn his Will to include the Salvation Army, leaving it all his ham equipment, valued at over $10,000!

Another member, Dan Reed N0ZIZ, began HF PSK31 operation and has communicated with SATERN contacts around the world. Recently, Dan established a SATERN PSK31 weekly net, with several local members participating.

Jim Andera, K0NK, designed an "antenna farm" for our command center at the local Olathe Corps and was instrumental in establishing working antennas at the EDS headquarters in Kansas City, MO. Through his technical assistance we have equipment to serve both our local and statewide needs.

In August 2000 the first Kansas Statewide SATERN meeting was held in conjunction with the ARRL Kansas State Convention. Following this conference, we established a weekly statewide HF net to pass response guidelines, discuss problems in support and exchange other information. Many of us including Lee Ward, K0LW, and myself, have spent long hours upgrading and fine tuning equipment at the EDS Headquarters.

Particularly exciting are the efforts of two members, Ron Miller KB0TDA and Don York KC0GTR. They are building small- foot-print, portable HF antennas with near-base antenna performance. The antenna is designed to mount on a portable or mobile mast and operate between 10- and 40-ft. above ground. It is capable of 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 meter operation without the need for a matcher. The portable antenna will be available to serve at field sites.

The Witchita group has also been active. They assisted with at the Christmas Distribution Center, among other public-service activities. They are now setting up a radio room at the Wichita City Command Center. They will will be checking into State, Region, and National nets.

Things are happening in Missouri, too. On March 10, 2001, the first Missouri SATERN meeting was held at the ARAT Hamfest in Kansas City. This meeting was targeted to Missouri ARES Ecs to establish contacts throughout their state. The ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator for Missouri attended our meeting and was supportive.

We’re proud of the SATERN growth in our area, but you can be sure we are not resting on our laurels. We are now working to expand and strengthen our operation and deepen our ties with both local Corps and the amateur community.