This midi music is old and sort of a collection of what I found 15-20 years ago. It is sort of pot luck. I don't know where all of the music is from but most of it is Salvation Army piano accompaniment, while a few scattered numbers, such as "Cantina" are totally different (Star Wars Cantina music) most, you will know what it is if you are familiar with the song. I doubt many use the midi type anymore and most music players don't support it, but like I said, it is pot luck. If you just want to listen to them all then click on the Play All.

I believe most, if not all arrangements were created by Band Master Ralph E. Pearce around 1999 or so. He has since retired and now lives in New Jersey I believe.

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aba aladdin alive allwrk
andte anyrm armycp asdeersb
atcrs become bened bilboo
blsass brigem calpso cantina
cares clap congress cross
dabis donut east Everlasting
face flug follow fount
friend fruit gdenf gdold
gentl getkno glory godluv
Govaars great gsltw heloves
heloves holy i'llgosb imglad
irish isa itsno itswel
iwant iwdcu jbelrock jesus
joyful jprdy jstsm juswan
life likens little lord
lvogod M113ek8k Make His Praise Glorious mircle
mkjofl moment movcom movehs
moz40 need np008 prayin
presnc ps146 ps33 ralph1
shine sotly Suite of Thanksgiving themor
thisis thsday twelve WhenWeAllGet