C. Warren Andreasen


I am a life long Salvationist having been born to Salvation Army Officer Parents in 1943. I was born in the East (PA) but my parents moved to California in 1955 and I spent until the early 70's living in (mostly) Southern California. In 1959 I got my Amateur Radio License and was totally involved in Electronics and Ham Radio. After Graduation from High School (1962) I joined the United States Navy and served aboard the USS Henry B. Wilson, DDG-7 and made two tours to Viet Nam.

After leaving the USN in 1968, I went to work in the Electronics field as an Engineering Technician. During the years that followed I educated myself finally obtaining a BSEE degree, and worked my way into the Design Engineering field, primarily working with CRT displays and digital systems. I worked for some years, at JPL in Pasadena and was part of the team the sent spacecraft to Mars. Somewhere along the line I slipped from designing, to maintaining equipment and I found great rewards in walking into a site where equipment was down and people near panic, and being able to be the hero and get them back up. This work took me to all sorts of exotic places where I worked on electronic equipment of the most interesting kind. I've worked on the space program, with computerized knitting machines, observatories, secret spy stuff, hospital operating rooms, you name it, a most interesting time. My final position in industry was as a Regional Manager for an electronics systems manufacturing firm, where I was responsible for all service operations in the 13 Western United States.

Over the years I became very interested in computers and learned to program with FORTRAN on a DEC PDP-6, then while at JPL programmed on a CDC-3100. When Radio Shack came out with their Model 1 computer, I got one and that was the start of a real love affair with computers. I learned major programming skills in several languages including Basic, Z80 Assembly, and C and even had a couple of commercial programs I wrote. I programmed on the Model 1, 3, 4 and color computers, favoring the OS9 operating system.

About 1985 I started getting very uneasy and I felt like I wanted to do something that had lasting meaning. My opportunity came when the company I worked for started to fail, due to the inability to compete in a niche market, falling prices, and rising cost. I found myself out of work as whole layers of management were cut. I decided, after much soul searching, to go into full time ministry. My wife and I, with our two small children took an appointment to assist the large Salvation Army operation in Boise Idaho. We were there only 8 months but it quickly became clear that one cannot spend so many years as a technology person, and suddenly turn it off and become a social program kind of a person. I was very unhappy, my wife was unhappy, my children were unhappy and I knew we had reached the end of our road. In looking for how to move back to California, and what to do for a job, I was alerted to a new position with The Salvation Army, in Phoenix Arizona. While there were not many computers yet, the job was to be the person responsible for all computer operations in the Southwest Division (AZ, NM, Southern Nevada and Northwest Texas). I took the job and found my place. I am able to do the work I love, and at the same time help guide The Salvation Army into the Computer and Information Highway age. I was Director of Information Technology for many years and in early 2006 I retired. I continue to live in Mesa Arizona and am very active with the local Salvation Army Corps.

First and foremost I love my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, and that is what comes first in my life. My family is my next priority and that is followed by The Salvation Army and its mission.

My favorite Bible verse is found in Joshua 24:15; Choose this day whom you will serve, but for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.

I worship at the Mesa Citadel Corps in Mesa Arizona. I play Euphonium and I also play EEb Tuba as needed, in the band, sing in the Songsters, and between my family and myself, we hold many Local Officer positions. My wife, two daughters (married with families) and I, all play musical instruments.

Added note, 0n 7/31/2017 I retired. I am still in Mesa Arizona. My grandson pushed me out of my Euphonium chair and pushed me down to 1st Baritone. He, Zachary, is very good. Much better than I ever was. His brother, Issac is a very good cornetest and also plays in the band. I spend most of my days either running digital modes on Amateur Radio, or working on computer stuff. I maintain several web servers and support several pages, including satern.org, westsat.org, qso.com, and this one, k7cwa.me. After many years of neglect I am paying more attention to this page.

6/04/21 update
Time marches on. I no longer play in the band. I have retired from almost everything and due to health reasons, I am chair bound. I am still active on the radio but spend most of my time working with computers. My primary operating systems are Linux Mint and also Linux Buster and Bullseye, with the Raspberry Pi. I do have Windows 10 but it is used only for a few windows only utility programs. Do explore my website and learn a lot about me, and how I think.


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