Harvesting Zero Point Energy

by Carl W. Andreasen

rev. 8.16.22

I want to address an issue which is called Zero Point Energy. I cannot began to explain this complex source of energy beyond laying the foundation with the statement that the entire universe is mostly made up of energy. Energy we cannot see and that is inexhaustibly. This energy simply exist everywhere, even in the vacuum of space, it is everywhere. If we could find a way to tap into this energy source we could have endless power available.

The next foundation stone I want to lay is the understanding that what we call weight is in actually a measurement of gravity attraction. One might say there is no such thing as weight. For example, in space away from any large body like the Earth or Moon the astronaut weighs nothing, he or she will float in the air of the spaceship. On Mars, I believe Mars has about a third of gravity as compared to Earth, thus something that would weigh 300 pounds on Earth, would weigh about 100 pounds on Mars. Our moon has, as I recall, has about one sixth the gravity of Earth, so a 200 pound person would only weigh about 33 pounds on the moon.

My whole point here is that there is no such thing as what we call weight, it is simply a measurement of how much whatever we are ‘weighing’ is affected by the pull of gravity. We take Hydrogen and it is very light… lighter than air. We take Oxygen, also a gas but very light and makes up part of the air we breathe. Combine the two and energy is given off, in fact it explodes if not regulated, and the result is water. Water is very heavy unlike the hydrogen and oxygen that make it up. Why? Simply because water is highly attracted to gravity. Take water into space and it has no energy, it will float in the air and form spheres. It won’t even lay on a surface, it has no weight because there is no gravity. On Earth water is under the constant pull of gravity so it stays on the ground and always flows to the lowest point. Any kinetic energy in the water comes from gravity and the mass of the water in motion as it is pulled lower, by gravity.

What is gravity? We know little about gravity, we know it exist and it is related to mass. Gravity simply exist. Gravity imparts energy to whatever is affected by it. For example, the car coming down the mountain, as it descends it is picking up speed and energy from the pull of gravity. The driver must find a way to drain off this excess energy so the brakes are applied and the excess energy is turned into heat. Too much braking can actually destroy the brakes with the heat, or even start a fire. Where did all of this energy come from? From gravity. Gravity, I contend, is a form of Zero Point energy. No matter how much energy is pulled from gravity, gravity is not consumed or lessened.

Most energy produced by mankind is a conversion process. We burn coal to get heat, we burn oil as a major source of energy. We convert and exhaust our fuel supply, and there is the accepted theory in Science that we cannot get more energy out, than we put in. This is true as long as we consume fuel.

For a long time man has been harvesting free power, using no fuel, from gravity, and not even realizing it. This is the hydro-electric generator. We use the force of flowing water to run turbines that generate electricity.... huge amounts of electricity. What is the fuel? There is none we just extract kinetic energy from the flowing water. The kinetic energy is actually from gravity. The ‘used’ water has no less energy, is not lighter, nothing is missing, it just flows on its way while picking up additional kinetic energy from gravity. In fact, it would be possible to ‘stack’ two dams, with the first one flowing the output water into a lake that is behind the lower second dam, and the same energy could be extracted again, from the same water. Of course the limiting factor is we must not run out of water, but the forces of nature takes care of that and keeps replacing the source water. As long as water flows we can extract endless energy from gravity, yet gravity is never lessened or consumed. No fuel is consumed, there is no waste, no byproduct. A hydro-electric generator could run a thousand years and never stop producing electricity (if the generators are built well enough and maintained). As long as the cycle of water on Earth continues, the power is there. My major point here is that the power is from gravity, not the water itself. Water is the tool that gathers the energy we extract. Water is not the source of the energy. Gravity is a form of Zero Point energy. I base this statement on the fact we extract power but input no fuel. Nothing put in nor consumed, yet huge power output. Man’s only cost is the building and maintaining the dams and generators and distribution system.

Another point to understand is that the actual energy is produced by a generator, that works only because of magnetic energy. Without the magnets a generator would produce no power. Magnetic energy is another little understood phenomenon and is somewhat similar to gravity. A spinning magnet inside of a coil of wire will produce electricity but the magnet is not consumed, it just causes the mechanical energy of the spinning magnet to be converted to electrical energy in the coil wires.

One other tidbit is that the system is very much dependent on the Sun. It is the Sun that powers our weather and creates the water cycle, but the energy we extract is from gravity.

One might think Solar Power is also a form of Zero Point energy, but that is not the case. The Sun is a fuel that is slowly consuming itself and we just pick up the radiant energy that is expelled our way by the Sun.

I also allow that gravity is not Zero Point energy in and of itself, but I believe it is a form of Zero Point energy because we can use it and extract unlimited energy, and gravity is not consumed or lessened, it draws on the so-called Zero Point energy. We put nothing in but have unlimited energy out.

It has been suggested to me that the true energy source is the Sun, that the Sun’s energy is input by evaporating the water into the air, and driving the weather system until the water at the source is replenished. This person suggested that is the energy, and it is not depleted until the water reaches the elevation it started from. I have to reject this idea because the energy is directly related to the pull of gravity, and no matter how many times it is reused (dams/turbines), it just gives up kinetic energy that is replaced by gravity as the water continues it’s way down the river. It has no less energy further downstream. The weight of the water never changes. A person could take a cup of water from sea level and a cup from the highest lake. Take the same water into space and both will react the same, one does not have any more energy than the other. They will both weigh the same (nothing in zero gravity). It would take a lot of energy to move the water into space but that energy is not stored anywhere. If we take that water to the moon it will be acted on by Lunar gravity in the same way. There is no stored energy and the water does not know where it came from. Mix the two cups of water together and all you have is two cups of water and it will react exactly the same when exposed to gravity.

Even if there was water on the moon, a water turbine would work very poorly because the gravity is so low that the falling water would gather very little kinetic energy to extract. We harvest power from the kinetic energy but the water gathers kinetic energy from the pull of gravity, therefore we are indirectly using gravity as a power source.

There is much we do not understand, like why water is so heavy when it is made up of two light gases? Why Sodium and Chlorine, two poisons, are combined to become common salt? The world is full of mysteries.

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