On Saturday, January 26, 2008, at The Salvation Army garage, we had a gathering of the local (Denver) SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) group with 25 ham radio operators in attendance. The main activity of the day included the communications tower trailer and the portable commercial repeater.

We rolled the tower trailer into the yard and then for the first time we guyed it, cranked the tower up to 50, and then hooked up the portable repeater.

We did a rough test of the system and had a volunteer driver north with a portable radio. We were running out of time so we couldn't do an elaborate test, but we were able to communicate to that volunteer from 5 miles away with the radio inside the cab of the truck without an external antenna. It's not radio friendly transmitting inside a vehicle, but he was heard loud and clear. If you not aware, the range of communications depends a lot upon terrain and our testing was not extensive. From this exercise we know the system works and we know how to deploy this asset, and we've also go a list of additional hardware items that we need. This will be a good tactical asset.

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Mike Gelski
Metro Denver Coordinator
Emergency Disaster Services/Special Events
KB0PVD USA Western Territory SATERN Coordinator