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Hurricane Michael
by Bill Fiest, WB8BZH SATERN National Liaison
AD5XJ SATERN So. Terr. Net Mgr.

courtesy NOAA NHC Miami


Greetings and Salutations:

What a difference 24 hours makes! Yesterday (10 Oct 2018) at this time, I was reporting that Hurricane Michael was a moderate category 4 possibly 5 as it began to make landfall. Just 24 hours later, I am now reporting that Hurricane Michael has degraded overnight to a Tropical Storm with winds of only 45 Mph. Wow! What a change.

As you can see from the National Hurricane Center Graphic from early morning, Michael is moving across the central parts of South and North Carolina into the Atlantic late tonight.

This does not mean the threat from Michael has gone away. This is an area that was just last week hit with devastating rain and the ground is still saturated. There remains the potential for more flooding in the same areas again when Michael passes and leaves Tropical amounts of rainfall.

SATERN Update as of 11:00 AM CT 11 Oct 2018:

The Southern Territory SATERN SSB Net will stand down from Delta II condition and fall back to Delta I condition and terminate operations on 7.265 MHz today, Thursday, 11 October 2018. Along with the SATERN So. Terr. SSB Net, the Hurricane Watch Net has also stood down as of 0400 UTC last night.

I want to take the time to personally thank each and every one who faithfully monitored the frequency Wednesday and Thursday. Several were kind enough to offer AD5XJ much needed breaks and act as alternate NCS. Your help and kindness is much appreciated. We had 60 check ins with many acting as relays on Wednesday and 17 stations on Thursday. Although we did not pass any traffic each of you played an important role in supporting what we do as ham radio operators in fullfiling our stated mission.

Band conditions were quite variable and we experienced aggressive and filthy QRM part of the day on Wed. Thank you for enduring that abuse and staying with us.

You are all very special people and we are grateful for your attention and efforts.

My special thanks to W4HW Guthersville AL, KB4HAH SATERN at Pensacola EOC, KA4WGW in Chipley FL, W3RIK Inverness FL, WA5EEZ Tuttle OK, and WA5DTY Gatesville,TX for their tremendous help during the net. Also for stations that checked in from the affected areas in FL and GA, as well as, our members who checked in from OH and PA.

I also want to thank K9DBV for moving their net frequency to allow us to continue our net on 7.264. Your help and courtesy are much appreciated and in stark contrast to events earlier in the day.

Special thanks to AG6SV Net Mgr on the SATERN Int. 20 meter SSB Net for helping us recruit volunteers for the 40 meter net. Your announcements worked.

All questions about this Net activation should be addressed to both myself and the Net Manager, Ken Standard (AD5XJ) at


Situation Report Update as of Thu 07:00 EDT:
Shown on this page is the 4:00 AM (Thursday, 11 October 2018) radar from NWS-Columbia, SC. Overnight Michael has degraded from a strong CAT 4 to a Tropical Storm with winds of 45 Mph.

Shown below is the 08:00 EDT advisory.

courtesy NOAA NWS Columbia SC


Here are the important points from the National Weather Center Charleston’s text discussions, forecasts:

        Please see the latest advisory on Michael from the National
        Hurricane Center. Michael will move northeast and out of east-
        central Georgia early this morning, then cross South Carolina
        through the day today. There will be a threat of strong winds,
        tornadoes and flash flooding. Periods of tropical storm force
        wind gusts will occur. Dry and cooler weather will occur in the
        storm’s wake over the weekend.
        The center of circulation from Michael is moving into the CSRA
        early this morning, then will be moving into the Midlands by
        sunrise. Threat for tornadoes will continue to exist in bands
        north and east of the main rain shield through early morning.
        Heavy rainfall also will remain an issue across the cwa.
        Tropical storm wind gusts will also continue to be possible as
        the center moves through the region, and even on the backside of
        the exiting system for a portion of the morning hours. Because
        of these issues, a both a Flash Flood watch and a Tropical Storm
        Warning remain in effect through the day. Temperatures early
        this morning ranging through the 70s. Daytime temperatures
        remain fairly steady through the morning, then as Michael exits
        and some breaks in the clouds occur through the afternoon,
        temperatures should climb back into the upper 70s to lower 80s.

        An approaching cold front will sweep Michael rapidly off to the
        northeast of the cwa this evening, with clearing skies, drying
        conditions, and decreasing winds through tonight. Dry weather
        Friday with light north wind. Temperatures close to normal.

        Behind the cold front, dry high pressure will prevail through
        Sunday. As we move into Monday, moisture may begin to increase
        ahead of another approaching cold front, which may bring
        isolated showers to the region during the early portions of the
        week. Temperatures remain close to normal.

Please contact [Bill Feist, WB8BZH] as soon as possible concerning this. Feel free to contact [Bill] by cell phone at any time. It is on 24/7 and after 24 years of being in The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services, I am used to O-Dark-Thirty phone calls (grin).


This and additional information is available on

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.