Community Caring Program
(League of Mercy)

The Mesa Salvation Army Corps' Community Caring Program is a service provided by men and women that will contact and nurture others.

During the Easter and Christmas season a number of care homes and hospitals are visited by the League of Mercy members.  Last year we visited approximately 1600 individuals in 13 different facilities.  Each resident is given the Salvation Army's magazine, "The War Cry", and an appropriate gift of the season.  A smile and time to listen or pray for the many men and women is our goal.  Just to be there for each one with a hug or a greeting of "Happy Easter" or "Merry Christmas" and "God Bless You" will bring a smile, a tear to know that they are not forgotten.

League of Mercy activity reports are handed out monthly for those wishing to support the Mesa Corps by totaling an approximate number of individuals and hours spent in comforting and helping others.  This includes hospital visits, care homes, private homes, phone calls, cards, gifts, meals, shopping, errands, repairs, appointments, reading, writing letters, etc.

If you have questions or wish to volunteer your time and be a part of this ministry, you may call the office at (480) 962-9103 and leave a message for the League Of Mercy Secretary, Sandra Cole.

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